The Horizon

Here I have found Grace and Gentility
carefully mixed with vibrant Bold
like the oil and water three dimensional paintings
eternally framed and swirling

You have become the ocean you love

In you lies my most favorite storm
the one that fights for new
and future sunsets
You are a ship still forging through
white capped waves
undaunted by myths of serpents and monsters
because you believe

You believe in the sunset
that whispers love at dusk
You believe in the power of each darkened wave,
unafraid of its destination
You believe in sunlight beckoning on surface waters

Even when you dive deep into ship wrecks and reefs
You always find the rippled light above you
Rising and falling with ocean rhythms, treasures to your breast

You—we—have traveled this ocean, this sea together
Weeping, drinking, singing… laughing
Collecting storms like ships in a bottle
Reaching for day’s end
When the sunset falls like angels
because we have traveled
beneath the sea
where sunlight cannot go

for Anne


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