The Record Warden

Word stained paper

smudged fingerprintsGOD Is 'LOVE' - 1 John 4 verses 7-8

generations old

hang upon heart walls like museum halls


Love songs written like graffiti in the margins

of an ancient scroll

mothers and fathers old

living patterns emerge

like wrinkles on an old map


How long

will I carry such a map?

There is no treasure at the X

there is a cross

where I stand pondering

two perfectly framed pages ripped from a book


one loss

one love


One Love


Word stained pages

blood smudges

as old as creation

tattooed words stamped upon a man encasing a heart

all hearts, if we allow the image


Love words, like kisses, written between the lines

on ancient scroll

where only a word appears

breathing and heaving, alive


I will tear out the page

trade my map, discreetly folded

wrinkled and forgotten

and then we will sing through the halls

while jiggling keys on the ring

Love keeps no record…

Love keeps no record of…

Love keeps no record of wrongs.










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