Graffiti HeART

A much better edit.

The Renegade Bride

Jane Art Jane Art Graffiti

Today I found graffiti penciled
on the bathroom wall
it says
I love you.

I wanted to scold you
make you clean the wall
but I think I’ll keep it there
watch it fade
as you grow taller

When I was in school
I never found such loving words etched
on metal bathroom stalls
or carefully carved on table tops

secretly I wished it was my name
carved beside some boy’s
a displaced longing for love

I wished to give my valentine heart,
and macaroni coated Christmas cards
to my mother
they never made it to the fridge for display
with sticky tape or food encrusted magnets
they merely
scrubbed away from public viewing

When I became mom-age
I spray painted a heart over my heart
left room for your own scented marker designs
and chalk drawings

That’s when it happened
finger prints
sand shifted into…

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